Who Wants to be a Stallionaire

Who Wants to be a Stallionaire - Online Fruit Machine

Who Wants to be a Stallionaire? I do! This game is an all time online fruit machine classic. Generous on the reels as it is on the trail, every type of slot or fruit machine player will love Who Wants to be a Stallionaire (also known as Stallionaire).

The theme is a play on the song “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and possibly the TV quiz show of the same title, but with an added horsey twist. Hence we have Stallionaire! The game’s artwork is crisp and the slot engine slick and very generous, with the x500 multiplier jackpot available on the reels by the aligning of 3 limos. However, the trail game is the reel star of Who Wants to be a Stallionaire!


Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire Fruit Machine


As you spin the reels you’ll notice different coloured horseshoes under the symbols. These collate in the matrix to the left of the reels and will trigger the trail game when three align in any direction. Once riding the Who Wants to be a Stallionaire trail you will receive a number of opportunities to travel around the board and to different rewards. Be mindful of your “wedges” - if these run down you’ll fall off the trail, or be forced to play the feature you’ve landed on.

Features worth collecting include:

Medallion Stallion: A stoppa game that allows you to randomly select a number of multiplier numbers. Once selected they will be added up and multiplied by your original bet, meaning mega winnings!

In the Money: Another stoppa feature that allows you to select a combination running through the reels. However, you can’t just wait for the jackpot limo symbols as there is a time limit!

Gift Horse: Never look a gift horse in the mouth... I’ve never understood that saying, but nevertheless this feature is easy money. Yet another stoppa, a range of multipliers will highlighted and you will have to stop on the highest one on offer. Don’t worry, this one’s easy. I’ve always got the top multiplier available.

Hold Your Horses: Winning combinations on the reels are displayed and you have to select one. Try and hit the most potent symbol combo for more winnings.

These great features, and the frequency with which the trail game is launched, more than make up for the rarity of the nudges, nudge repeats and holds when compared to other fruit machines. In fact, you probably won’t even notice nor care, as you line up win after win in the trail or on the reels.

All in all, I give the Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Fruit Machine Casino's maximum rating – the 5 BAR award. Yes, I just made that up, but then I really don't know how to praise this game enough. Don't miss out on this one and the constant and endless win entertainment.

Who Wants to be Stallionaire can be played at the online casino, 32Red or at the internet casino, Dash, in either their downloads or flash casino.

Hints: Always use the few nudges and holds you get to trigger the trail where possible. Even if it won’t mean an automatic triggering of the trail, there is a chance the horseshoes will be held for next time.