The Gee Gees

The Gee Gees - Online Fruit Machine

The Gee Gees doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a full-on retro disco themed online fruit machine. Gratuitously playing on the name of the hit 70s band, the Bee Gees, poetic license naturally led to the spandexing of cartoon horses donned in platforms and reel symbols such as sparkly disco balls, horseshoes as well as the classics.


Gee Gees Fruit Machine


A laugh-a-spin fruit machine, the Gee Gees will have you giggling and jigging to cool disco tunes – feel free to do the full Saturday Night Fever as you spin! The Gee Gees greatest strength is its simplicity, classic symbols with good multiplier rewards and the frequency in which the trail feature is triggered. Just a simple cherry combination (or more) across the payline will mean you’ll get the chance to travel across the trail. However, The Gee Gees trail can be a little hard to master. Once you’ve established what the prizes are, discovered the pitfalls and the little intricacies, you can be assured of leaving the trail with something – maybe even the jackpot of a x2000 multiplier! This outstanding figure is one the biggest of any online fruit machine and one really to aim for.

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Hints: The trail can be tricky, with skill needed as well as luck to come away with a decent bonus. Know when to get out with your winnings if your betting moderately. Stick with the trail and push your luck if you're feeling adventerous and lucky - its where some of The Gee Gees biggest wins can be attained.